Collision-Free? Absolutely!

Is it possible for a teenager to drive and remain collision-free? We believe it is! Because of this belief, we train each student with the techniques and plan to achieve our stated goal - "A Lifetime of Collision-Free Driving!" Click here to find out how and why!

Will you take the Pledge?

"I pledge to Myself and my Family to do Whatever It Takes to drive Collision-Free!"

Our pledge is our commitment to excellence. We use this commitment to help guide your student to develop the necessary attitude to strive for this all-important goal.

When it comes to driver training, only the best is good enough for your family's safety! With Fort Oglethorpe's most respected driving school, you are assured of the best.
Why we're your best choice!
Is there really a difference in driving schools?

In a word, YES! Click Here to find out what the difference is.

"Thanks to Haman's New Drivers, my son has remained collision-free through his first three years of driving. I'm confident my daughter will have the same success when I send her to driver's education thanks to the skills taught by Haman's." - Mike G.